Behind the Bribe: The Richard Bistrong Story is a real-world anti-bribery training scenario, as told through the front-line perspectives of Richard Bistrong, former FCPA violator and FBI/UK Cooperator, and Keith Slotter, former Chief of the FBI’s Global Financial Crimes Program.

This training video was produced in association with MasterCard, and is the first-ever training film of its kind, including real world perspectives and multinational participation.

As shared by Karen Griffin, Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer at MasterCard, “We recognized the need to move beyond the traditional classroom exercise to help our teams understand the potential impact of bribery and compliance events. Richard’s story delivered just that and we’re looking at ways to continue to build on this film to continue to reinforce other learning moments.”

This training video will bring the reality of international corruption, commerce and compliance to your global commercial work force with power, authenticity and the positive message of how Compliance wants to inspire the workforce to be successful and safe.